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  • Garden Mosaics projects promote science education while connecting young and old people as they work together in local gardens.
  • Hope Meadows is a planned inter-generational community containing foster and adoptive parents, children, and senior citizens
  • In August 2002, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board voted to ban soft drinks from all of the district’s schools

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Alternatives to Quantitative Risk Assessment for Decision-MakingMontague, Peter04/01/2005application/msword
Alternatives to Quantitative Risk Assessment for Decision-Making (Draft 2)Montague, Peter07/10/2005application/msword
America as a One-Party StateKuttner, Robert02/01/2004text/plain
America The TheocracySugg, John F.03/01/2004text/plain
America's Evangelicals -- Key Survey FindingsGreen, John | Wuthnow, Robert04/15/2004application/pdf
American People's Dioxin Report (Technical Support Document)Center for Health, Environment and Justice, 09/01/1999text/html
Americans in every aspect of Mideast conflictPatterson, Margot04/12/2002text/plain
An act concerning New Jersey corporationsAhearn, Matt06/19/2003application/pdf
An act prohibiting political activities by [corporations]...Ahearn, Matt06/19/2003application/pdf
An Epidemic of PoliticsKennedy, Donald 01/31/2003text/plain
Analysis of California's Lead Abatement Law (SB 460)Anonymous, 09/26/2002application/msword
Analyzing the Ignored Environmental ContaminantsErickson, Britt E.04/01/2002application/pdf
Answering the Critics of PrecautionMontague, Peter04/16/2004application/msword
Anti-Indian Movement in the Wise Use Movement Threatening the Cultural and Biological Diversity of Indian CountryRyser, Rudolph C.01/01/1993text/plain
Antioxidants and Free radicalsJenkins, Mark01/01/1996application/pdf
Apocalypse NowGibbs, Nancy07/01/2002text/plain
Argumentos Para una Prohibición Total de la Importación de Desechos Peligrosos en MéxicoBejarano, Fernando01/06/1994text/html
Arsenic Alters the Function of the Glucocorticoid Receptor as Transcription FactorKaltreider, Ronald C. | and others03/01/2001application/pdf
AsphaltPaul, Becky | Pellerano, Maria B.08/31/2001application/pdf
Association Between Essential Tremor and Blood Lead Concentration (Discussion)Myers, Pete | and others07/03/2003text/html

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