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  • Garden Mosaics projects promote science education while connecting young and old people as they work together in local gardens.
  • Hope Meadows is a planned inter-generational community containing foster and adoptive parents, children, and senior citizens
  • In August 2002, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board voted to ban soft drinks from all of the district’s schools

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Combining Xenoestrogens at Levels below Individual No-Observed-Effect Concentrations Dramatically Enhances Steroid Hormone ActioRajapakse, Nissanka09/01/2002application/pdf
Comments on the Cornell-Dublier superfund site in South Plainfield, N.J.Montague, Peter08/04/2004application/msword
Community Mapping Exercises Provide Enhanced Participant Interaction in the Visioning ProcessBodeen, Connie | Hilliker, Mark12/01/1999application/pdf
Comunidades Indígenas de la Frontera ( Indigenous Communities on the Border)BIOS, (Border Information and Outreach Services)01/12/1999application/msword
Confidential Memorandum: Attack on American Free Enterprise SystemPowell, Jr., Lewis F.08/23/1971application/msword
Conserving CommunitiesBerry, Wendell01/01/1996text/plain
Contaminantes Atmosféricos y su VigilanciaJavier Serrano, Nuria Aragonés | Rosalía Fernández-Patier, Ana Gandarillas,Iñaki Galán | José María Ordóñez, Emiliano Aránguez,04/01/1999application/msword
Contaminantes Orgánicos Persistentes,(COP's)Bejarano, Fernando09/01/1998text/plain
Converging Technologies for Improving Human PerformanceRoco, Mihail C. | Bainbridge, William Sims06/01/2002application/pdf
Critical Windows in the Development of the Rodent Immune SystemLandreth, K.S.10/01/2002application/pdf
Cuando Industrializar Significa ContaminarAlbert, Lilia01/09/1993text/html
Dangerous Substances in WasteCrowe Mathew, | Schmid, Jürgen | Elser Andrea, Ströbel Renate01/01/2000application/msword
DDT y clordano seleccionados por la CCA para elaborar un plan regional de reducción y controlBejarano, Fernando08/01/1996text/plain
Deceptive Science; The Problem with Risk AssessmentMontague, Peter01/01/2005application/pdf
Decolonizing the Revolutionary Imagination...Reinsborough, Patrick06/15/2004application/msword
Deficits in Psychologic and Classroom Performance of Children with Elevated Dentine Lead LevelsNeedleman, Herbert L. | and others03/29/1979application/pdf
Defining EvangelicalismEskridge, Larry06/01/2004text/plain
Defining the Impact of Weakly Estrogenic Chemicals on the Action of Steroidal EstrogensRajapakse, Nissanka01/01/2001application/pdf
Delay is to Carry Dissenting Message on Mideast TourFirestone, David07/25/2003text/plain
Democracy and the Precautionary Principle (Draft -- July 2002; MS Word format)Pellerano, Maria | Montague, Peter07/13/2002application/msword

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