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  • Garden Mosaics projects promote science education while connecting young and old people as they work together in local gardens.
  • Hope Meadows is a planned inter-generational community containing foster and adoptive parents, children, and senior citizens
  • In August 2002, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board voted to ban soft drinks from all of the district’s schools

Sunset of the Precaution Reporter Revisited
[Rachel's Introduction: Last week we announced the sunset of Rachel's Precaution Reporter without explanation. Here's a bit more detail.]
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By Peter Montague
Last week we announced that Rachel's Precaution Reporter would cease publication with issue #183 (Feb. 25, 2009), but we gave no explanation. The reason was, I had been laid up for 48 hours with food poisoning and didn't have what it took to write an explanatory article, but still wanted to give our readers a year's notice. Thus the brevity.

Here's the missing explanation, which accompanied our notice that our other publication, Rachel's News, will cease publication Feb. 26, 2009: http://www.precaution.org/lib/08/prn_sunset.htm --P.M.

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