BE SAFE, April 4, 2006


[Rachel's introduction: A fabulous new web-based library of documents has just become available to support precautionary action -- The BE SAFE Precautionary Policy Clearinghouse.]

The BE SAFE Precautionary Policy Clearinghouse is a library of documents on the web including precaution-based laws, policies, local ordinances and industry agreements on a range of issues.

In most cases, original documents are available in the library, so you can modify them for your local situation and your local officials won't even have to come up with their own language.

The BE SAFE campaign is adding new policies every month, and will soon expand the list of issue categories to include nuclear, solid waste, pesticides, and more.

Please help build this resource by sending any new policies or industry agreements to BE SAFE Coordinator Anne Rabe at

Here are the issue categories as of April 4, 2006:

Environmental Precaution

Genetically Modified Organisms

Hazardous Waste Transportation

Natural Resource Protection and Conservation

PVC Plastic (Polyvinyl Chloride or Vinyl)

Pollution Prevention


Toxic Chemicals

-- Chemical Regulation

-- Dioxin

-- Mercury -- Coming Soon

-- PBDE (Brominated Flame Retardants)

-- Persistent Toxic Chemicals

And here are some recent entries:

Washington State PBT Reduction Strategy

American Public Health Association Dioxin Resolution

Oakland CA City Council Dioxin Resolution

New Hampshire Dioxin Reduction Strategy

Louisville Charter for Safer Chemicals

Copenhagen Chemicals Charter

European Chemical REACH Proposal

San Francisco CA Precautionary Purchasing Law

Maine Ban on Toxic Fire Retardants

Microsoft Phases Out PVC Packaging

Hats off to Anne Rabe and the Center for Health, Environment and Justice for making this important resource available.